Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Military World

Beyond what's in your closet, some of the most visible and widely known things in the world were born of the military. Here's a random sampling.

The Internet (1969)
Origin - Created by the U.S. Department of Defense to ensure better communication between military-funded researchers.
Contemporary use - Online banking, downloading music, looking at uh pictures.

The Jeep (1941)

Origin - Commissioned by the U.S. Army for use in World War II.
Contemporary use - Shuttling teenage girls from one kegger to the next.

GPS Navigation (1973)
Origin - Developed by the Department of Defense to aid transport of military goods and personnel.
Contemporary use - Providing directions so you don't have to ask for them.

Computer Video Games (1961)
Origin - Spacewar!, the first-ever computer video game, pitted two warring spacecraft against each other.
Contemporary use - Teaching our children how to run over prostitutes and engage in drive-by shootings.

Canned Food (1810)
Origin - Derived from technology developed during the Napoleonic Wars.
Contemporary use - Feeding the kids when the wife is away.

The Slinky (1945)
Origin - Created by a naval engineer who was experimenting with tension springs.
Contemporary use - Entertaining children between the ages of five and five and a half.

"Snafu" (Circa 1941)
Origin - Sprang from U.S. G.I. slang during World War II, an acronym for "situation normal; all F'd up."
Contemporary use - Describing the average work day.

The Bass Tuba (1835)
Origin - Developed to fill out the lower range of Eastern European military bands.
Contemporary use - Providing unathletic high school kids with something to do after school.

London (Circa A.D. 43)
Origin - Founded by the Romans at a military fort.
Contemporary use - Home of the British prime minister and Parliament, Savile Row, and bad weather.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September Words of Inspiration

"In a flash of insight, I realized that the key I had missed was that my mind was not trained to believe, to think positive, to have faith in either God or myself. To learn to believe is of primary importance.
" This quote has really impacted the way I think of myself. We have been designed to believe things that are presented to us by authority figures, caregivers, role models and information that is presented repeatedly with emotion. Therefore, we have come to believe unwittingly, some things that are untrue. With all the ideas that we receive constantly from our news personalities, friends and other sources, it is often challenging not to oscillate between one idea of truth over another. I would like for you to adopt, for some this will be more difficult than others depending on the way you were nurtured in your earlier years. An idea about you, that will not only benefit you, but also will make your life more and more influential to the world around you. And by all means, speak highly about you, because everyone else will come to believe about you, what you believe about you!

Just my thoughts...


For all my fellas that are fathers. I just wanted to give you something to roll to...Despite how we got here, we are here, no excuses - it's grind time. We have legacies to leave.

Tip #1: Just because money may be a little short at the moment, there is always something you can do with your kid(s). Go to the library, grab a book and read to them or let them read to you. Make it fun, put some enthusiasm in your voices. Ask questions about what they read or heard you read. This does wonders for your children, and your relationship. There are videos you can rent for free and watch together. There are resources on the internet which are free that you can share. Time spent together is growth. You wonder why your kids respect you; listen and love you. Time is also invaluable and can't be paid for or replaced.

Until next time - Mr. Millionaire

Monday, August 10, 2009

August Words to the Wise

The Great Undershirt Question

On May 17, 1881, The New York Times estimated that several thousand New York City deaths had resulted from the switch from winter to spring undershirts. This is a serious matter. We've all been there, too, contemplating the hot-man-in-summer dilemma: Will I sweat more, or will it show through my dress shirt less, if I wear an undershirt? After consulting with experts, our conclusion is this: A thin cotton undershirt will, in fact, keep you cooler in warm weather while protecting your dress shirts from your body. First, it wicks moisture away from the body, which in turn stabilizes your body temperature and maximizes comfort. Second, cotton is an inherently airy material: The fibers that make up the yarn in cotton are hollow, and this creates an individual layer of cooling air.

Four Breeds of Undershirt:

White Crewneck
The good: When chosen well, covers your entire torso.
The bad: Neckline will show with an open collar. Very bad indeed.

Grey Crewneck
The good: Unlike white, won't show through lightly colored dress shirts.
The bad: We got nothin'.

White V-Neck
The good: Wear your polo or dress shirt unbuttoned with ease.
The bad: Excessive chest-hair exposure.

White Tank Top
The good: Covers high-sweat areas under the torso.
The bad: Does nothing for your armpits.


Life has a way of moving with or without you. Life is not static, and by definition static is lacking movement, action or change. Since there will always be movement toward something whether this has been defined by you or passively allowed through indecision. But whether clearly defined or not given any meaningful conscious effort. One thing is certain, tomorrow always follows today, and you will inevitably become tomorrow what you resolved to be today. In my opinion, and I assure you I am not alone on this, In the long run, commented Henry David Thoreau, “men only hit what they aim at. Therefore, though they should fail immediately, it is best they aim at something high.”

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HWhite Men's Room

1. Prioritize
The basic unit of workplace style is the navy-blue suit. It should be your first purchase. After that comes solid charcoal gray, then stripped and checked versions of these two fundamental shades. The black suit is tempting but should be resisted: Hit men and undertakers are not the businessman's role models.

2. Spend. Wisely.
The right $1,200 suit, fitted by a taylor, is better than two $800 suits off the rack.

3. Mitigate Headaches.
Sure, the weightless vicuna blends and the fine-as-silk Super 180's look good. But they're also a pain to take care of. All-season midweight clothes feel good summer through winter, and resilient weaves like hopsack and gabardine won't wrinkle on a red-eye.

4. Maximize Utility.
Chosen wisely, the three suits - one navy, one gray, and a pattern - can constitute an entire wardrobe. A dozen shirts and ties, in different colors and fabrics, turn them into a limitless backdrop of creativity.

*Article provided courtesy of Esquire Men's Magazine


Association, will it be responsible for lifting your life upward, to heights of your dream or keeping you at par with nothing or the most detestable of all, an animal without the ability to reason.

Much has been said about the company you keep. We’ve all heard “birds of a feather flock together” Put in another way; people who think and arrive at similar conclusions gravitate towards people with those same similarities. For example, people who tend to believe that better is possible and are intent on exploring those possibilities will have a hard time, exchanging ideas with those who choose to believe that life could never get better than it is now.
What will happen is that these opposing people will find it difficult to relate. And soon travel in different directions.

So consider this for a moment, what direction are you and your life travelling?
Not sure what the answer is? Let me give you a hint, pay close attention to your associates. Chances are you are headed to the same place.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The HWhite Men's Room Experience

HWHITE MEN’S ROOM is the reinvention of the barbershop providing a range of hair and grooming services in a relaxing environment that caters to an exclusive and sophisticated clientele. Each visit is a personal experience designed to meet the individualized goals of our guest. Our team provides the advice, solutions and consistency that men deserve with a wide range of services and treatments. Because we believe in creating the ultimate experience for men, we offer every guest our highest level of service.

Elegance is an Attitude – our clients are looking to escape the mundane routine of the everyday. We are here to inspire our guest to live life to its fullest. We have created an environment exclusively for men, where you relax, recharge and restore your body and mind. The H. White Men’s Room difference is in the details.

• Guests are pampered in a way that cannot be experienced in a typical men’s
barbershop. Observations are made regarding skin and hair type. We discuss their existing homecare routine and assess their needs and concerns to establish trust and credibility. What is the preferred haircut of the day? Does the client have any questions for the barber? Then questions are asked to explore the effectiveness of the recommended products since the last visit. The guest receives 100% of the focus while being attended to.

• After the grooming services are provided, we ans
wer any questions about the services, treatments or products used. We use this opportunity to recommend an appropriate home-care routine to optimize the results of the day’s services. When appropriate, a recommendation is made for one of our fine men’s grooming products. Ultimately, our guests leave satisfied and posess the desire to return at the first possible moment. This only begins to capture the essence of the H. White Men’s Room experience…